Google’s contextual technology is constantly working to match people with the information they are looking for. It’s no wonder that Google AdWords also shows only the most relevant ads to people on Google Search and websites in the Google Display Network. Take steps to create quality ads with Google AdWords. Be relevant, user-friendly, and understand how to drive your click through rate.

Be Relevant

Every time a someone searches on Google, Google attempts to track the user’s location, the time of day, day of the week, and a list of words and phrases related to what the user searched for. Based on these factors, Google can predict how likely it is for the person to click on any particular ad. Google considers these factors to determine which relevant ads to show to the searcher.

Be User Friendly

Google wants ad clickers to have a great experience on the advertiser’s website. Google favors ads for websites with high-quality website design. Since people become frustrated with websites that are not user-friendly, Google will show ads for poorly designed websites fewer times on average. Here are a few examples of poor website design and how they affect user behavior.

  • Juan clicks an ad he sees on the Google Search results page. He waits for the website to load, decides it’s taking too long, and goes back to the search results page.
  • Mary tries to buy a scarf on boutique’s website from her mobile device. However, she can’t make a purchase because the website is not optimized for mobile devices.
  • Yi wants to hire a contractor to build a shed in her backyard. She searches for contractors in her area on Google Search, and clicks on a link to Carl’s Contracting Co. Yi decides she would like to request an estimate, but the business’s contact information is hard to find. She gives up looking for it and navigates back to the search results to find another contractor.

To createngreat user experience, a website should be easy to navigate, load quickly, and be compatible with mobile devices.

Know Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is important because it suggests how enticing an ad is to potential consumers. Increase targeted traffic and lower cost-per-click by improving CTR. Read more about how to boost AdWords ad clicks with 3 SEO tips.

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Ways to Create an Effective Google AdWords Ad
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