A frustrated owner of an eCommerce website was struggling to make sales and came to us for help. We put a digital marketing strategy in place, and now the website is attracting between 100 and 300 visitors every day. In the first 6 months, there was a 1156.7% increase in people visiting the website. With more people came more sales. On average, about 3% of those visitors made a purchase – that’s 3 to 9 sales a day!

eCommerce traffice increase

You can see from the graph that a dramatic rise in traffic didn’t happen overnight. Dedication is required to create a successful business online. But data doesn’t lie. Our digital marketing strategy was tailored around the business’s real clients: what they care about, how they prefer to shop and when they like to go online. By using data to cater to a target customer, we found a digital sweet spot that attracted an online community. And that community continues to grow as we engage them.

We learned about our targets using Google Analytics, a tracking tool that tells a story about the people who visit a website. Their age and gender, interests and hobbies, what they recently purchased online and other pieces of info were carefully connected into our marketing approach. Mostly, we engaged our community with blog posts, professional SEO and promotional deals on social media.

Our approach to digital marketing is different from other agencies. We are hyper-focused on your goals, and use evidence to make decisions on how to support you best. Beyond data and tech know-how, we provide a personal touch that speaks directly to the people you want to reach. We are passionate about community – let us help you build yours today!


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Revealing How We Attracted 1156.7% More People to Our Website
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