Our Founder, Zoe DeVito

Zoe DeVito: A Tale of Data-Driven Success

Zoe DeVito has always been interested in how people think. What they value. And what makes them behave the way they do. She started her career as an evolutionary ecologist and became so enamored with studying trends and analyzing data, she went “technical.”

She’s now a Google certified search engine marketing professional who knows how to dig deeper and drive results. She loves to work with small and medium sized businesses to help them maximize their web presence and grow their businesses. She also specializes in helping business owners, coaches, authors and people with passionate messages connect with their ideal target audiences.

Her unique and successful approach to SEO and Google AdWords help her clients reach their business goals in a strategic and successful way. While based in Boulder, Colorado, her clients are located from coast to coast.

When she’s not programming, analyzing or learning, she enjoys hiking and exploring the trails and mountains of Colorado. She craves Nepalese food and is always looking for exceptional sag paneer. A native of Connecticut, she’s also worked in Dallas before hearing the call of the mountains.

Zoe DeVito, Founder of LetsGrow.Solutions

Zoe DeVito, Founder of LetsGrow.Solutions

Hi! I’m Zoe. I help starry-eyed business owners who…

  • …want to learn the truth about successful passive profit strategies for their website
  • …are tired of spending countless hours networking by successfully engaging prospects with their website
  • …are shocked to see competitor’s ads in Google Search breakthrough the competition
  • …want to unlock the secrets of selling online
  • …are wary of technology and want to make the transition to digital marketing with ease

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