Q:  Isn’t this something I can learn to do myself?

A:  Like any skill, SEO can be learned. A professional SEO doesn’t just work. They are constantly learning to compete in the ever-changing realm of online marketing. Considering the time commitment and pure energy required to maintain a viable, competitive online presence, most business owners choose to hire an expert to do the work for them. If you didn’t have digital marketing on your plate, what would you spend your time doing instead?

Q:  How much does SEO cost?

A:  The cost of SEO scales depending on what goals you’re trying to reach. Unlike most SEO providers, LetsGrow.Solutions can provide either a holistic digital marketing experience or zoom in to overcome specific challenges. What’s your vision for your business? Let’s chat and discover how SEO can be applied to your business to make money, save money, and make your life easier.

Q:  How will I know my SEO campaign is working?

A:  Every month you will receive a report keeping you in-the-loop on the the status of your website, accomplishments and strategy for the following month.

Q: I saw my biggest competitor’s ad in Google Search.  How do I compete with that?

A:  I’ll never forget our first client who approached us. He was completely shocked to see his primary competitor’s ad in a Google Search for his own business! With a set of industry-insider tools and unique approach to digital marketing, LetsGrow.Solutions reveals key information about competitor’s ad campaigns. Then we create a custom strategy to blow them away.

Q:  I have a blog, but haven’t been able to attract many subscribers. Can you help with that?

A:  By partnering with a professional SEO company like Let’sGrow.solutions,  a strategy can be crafted to attract and engage the kinds of people you want to your email newsletter, blog subscription, YouTube channel, podcast and more.

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Q:   I recently had my website redesigned.  Do I still need SEO?

A:  Killer website design is only one part of what makes up a successful website! Once the website is up and running, how will valuable visitors get there? You need a website chauffeur—someone who will drive high quality prospects to your business site.

Q:  I created an ecommerce site, but nothing is selling.  Can you help with that?

A:  Whether you’re just getting started with your online store or are seeking to maximize profits, SEO can help! Without a powerful SEO strategy that works, you are missing out on sales, customer engagement and brand impressions online.

Q:  I want my website to generate leads for me.  Can you do that?

A:  Yes, a great SEO strategy can attract and engage highly qualified leads, and then close the deal.

Q:  My business is very niche.  How can I create awareness with my target audience?

A:  Niche marketing can be hyper-tailored to attract prospects that are really interested in what you have to offer. However, it takes a strategic, effective and skilled SEO strategy. Rarely can someone who “dabbles” in SEO achieve this.

Q:  I see how SEO is good for search engines. How is it good for my customers and prospective clients?

A:  In today’s modern age, everyone is plugged in. This means it’s important to consider what kind of impact your site makes on first impression. Often, a prospect’s first impression of your business starts in the search results. SEO leads to successful first impressions and provides a holistic customer experience from “search to purchase.”

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