Click Through Rates Defined

Click through rate, or CTR for short, suggests how well an ad is performing. Ads with a high ratio of clicks to impressions have healthy CTR. Conversely, ads that receive less clicks every time the ad is shown have poor CTR. How are your ads performing? If they are leading customers to your website-great work! If, however, you notice CTR is low and the ad isn’t getting many bites, consider rewriting the ad.

What’s a good CTR?

According to Google, the average CTR on Google AdWords paid search ads is about 2%. As a rule of thumb, should aim for a CTR of at least 2%, but don’t settle for average! The greatest benefit of advertising with Google AdWords is the demographic information collected while an ad runs. Collected insights create a profile of people who click the ad that can be used to devise a marketing strategy. In this way, AdWords Ads have a continual opportunity to target consumers and improve CTR. Consequentially, return on investment can continue to improve.

How is CTR calculated?

CTR is the number of clicks an ad receives, divided by the number of times the ad is shown, and then multiplied by 100%. If an ad has been shown 1000 times and 20 people clicked on it, your CTR is 2%.

(20 clicks / 1000 impressions) X 100% = 2%.

Put Promos, Sales, And Other Offers In The Headline

Do you like free offers? Most people do. Freebies and discounts are widely used by businesses around the world because they are enticing to potential buyers. does your business offer something valuable to a buyer? Special promotions like free shipping or sales are important to mention in an ad’s headline. Incentives impact consumer behavior and can drive CTR.

Target Less Popular, “Long-Tail” Keywords

Keywords – the words and phrases searched for on Google – influence CTR. Ads containing very basic, nondescriptive keywords like “game” and “collar” generally do not receive a lot of clicks. Instead, by targeting niche keywords like “funny board games for adults” or “large blue dog collar”, the ad will be shown less often but to a higher quality audience. When a relevant ad is shown at the right time consumers are more likely to click!

Put Keywords In The URL

Text ads display the website URL. This can be used to your advantage by including keywords in the product page’s URL. For example, if you sell “nonstick omelette pans,” the URL should look something like this:

Notice how spaces are replaced with dashes. In doing so, the URL is easy for people and search engines to understand.

In a Google Search for “nonstick omelette pans” the top four results contain this keyword phrase in their URLs.

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